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I went to the prosthodontist yesterday, one x-ray later (gosh knows how many x-rays I’ve had over the years), a feel of my roots, a look at my teeth and


I’m booked in for the first stage of the implant procedure next Thursday πŸ™‚ 8 Sleeps to go. Hoping that all goes well I should have a full smile by Australia Day πŸ™‚ No more gap πŸ™‚ In saying that I’ve had metal in my mouth long enough to know nothing is certain till it’s done.

This photo is from 10mths ago so my teeth have moved have a fair bit but it does show the gap. The gap that after 14 odd years is going to be filled πŸ™‚

progress, 137/365

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  1. Have you had braces for 12 years? I read your back posts (is that sad?) about your teeth, but it never really explained what was wrong with them in the first place. Anyway, sounds like you’ll have a beautiful smile soon. x

  2. Hey Anita,
    I’m missing the adult tooth where the gap is (the 12 if you speak dental lingo), I was born without it.

    Gosh no, I’ve not had braces the entire time. This is my second time with braces – I’ve had this set on for 2 weeks short of 2 years. I’ve had a veritable mechanic shop of metal in my mouth moving teeth and roots in various directions.

    Typically with implants it is best to wait till you have fully matured so that the implant takes well. In saying that though there is a number of innovations happening at the moment which are similar to training wheels for a bike but more like training screws, so you can get started with the process a lot younger.

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