Today is the day

In 20 mins or so I will leave to catch the train into the city to go to my appointment.

I’m a lot calmer now than I was 30 minutes ago (thank you Clipper Earl Grey, one of my best buys in London). The last 12hrs or so have seen me freaking out ever so slightly about today. Mostly about the two Mersyndol Forte tabs I have to take before the appointment – I know what two normal Mersyndol tabs do to me and that is only 19.5mg of codeine phosphate, the two Forte tabs will be dosing me up on 60mg of codeine phosphate. It’s all in the name of the game to reduce the pain during and following the surgery but still. Also about the idea that I’m getting a screw put into my jaw, which is of course not without any risk of something else happening.

Here I am this morning.
smile before

Yesterday, the orthodontist took off my top arch wire along with the brackets on my 11 and 13. It feels so good to be able to run my tongue over my teeth and actually feel teeth instead of metal and to be able to feel my teeth between the brackets. So looking forward to finally hopefully going braces free in a few months!

and an obligatory drug shot.
Today is the day, they ply me with drugs

Well now I’m off to take some drugs and to go visit the wizard…

some great news to share

I went to the prosthodontist yesterday, one x-ray later (gosh knows how many x-rays I’ve had over the years), a feel of my roots, a look at my teeth and


I’m booked in for the first stage of the implant procedure next Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚ 8 Sleeps to go. Hoping that all goes well I should have a full smile by Australia Day ๐Ÿ™‚ No more gap ๐Ÿ™‚ In saying that I’ve had metal in my mouth long enough to know nothing is certain till it’s done.

This photo is from 10mths ago so my teeth have moved have a fair bit but it does show the gap. The gap that after 14 odd years is going to be filled ๐Ÿ™‚

progress, 137/365


After a very long last few years I go to see the Prosthodontist tomorrow. The last few days I have been quite anxious as to what the possible outcome of this appointment will be. I want the result of the appointment to be that the orthodontists have done a great job and your mouth is ready for stage one of the implant procedure. That’s what I want to hear. In saying that, I can also see him saying more rearrangement of my teeth is needed. I’m getting to a point in my life where I am so over my teeth. I want to be able to go places, I want to be able to bite into an apple. I want to have a mouth that is totally free of visible metal for the first time in 13 years. My appointment is at 1430 tomorrow and as much as I want the answer now. I guess I will just have to wait….

Getting closer

Monday night is SES night and last night was Monday night. Myself and one of the other newbies got to out with a crew instead of staying at group training like the others. We got to do real jobs this time as well, like filling sand bags to hold tarps down, climbing ladders with said sand bags to pass to the workers on the roof, clearing branches and wet carpet. Man why on earth did it take me this long to finally join? We only have about a month or so now left on probation and then we get to go on all sorts of things.

In other news, my teeth are still driving me mad. “Braces, free to whoever removes them”. I went back last Thursday and had a new wire put on them which is slightly less painful in some ways but more in other and I got pink and purple bands put on (I let the girls at work pick a colour each). That whole biting, chewing thing is not something that my teeth enjoy doing at the present and I can’t yawn too much as it causes the wires to grab on my cheeks. sigh. I only hope that in another month they are relatively pain free as I need/want/have to be able enjoy Christmas and all the goodies we will have this year. We have been organising our list of Icelandic goodies that we want Karl and Toti to bring out, they of course include Appelsรƒยญn, Prince Polo Bars and Dried Fish…. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Dried Fish.

Unlike a yoyo craze, unlike a marble phase,
I love it everyday – Dried Fish!
Unlike a hopscotch craze, unlike a knucklebone phase,
I love it everyday – Dried Fish!
I love it everyday – Dried Fish!

I chatted to my nieces on MSN last night, I have never done that before. We had a great little chat and I think I will make more trips to the beach this coming month than I have in the last couple of years! I am so looking forward to next week.

food dreams

On Saturday when I went to visit Amanda and Madi they were just finishing lunch, it was chicken with salad. I eyed it off with desire. I had an avocado for lunch. It’s not that I don’t like having braces, I do because it means the end is near but it also means that all the things I like eating are off the menu for the current time.
The other day for breakfast all I could think about was how much I would love some poached eggs on toasted sour dough with mushrooms and tomatoes and a tiny side salad of rocket and mizuna. Of that combo I could eat the poached eggs and the mushrooms and the tomatoes, couldn’t eat the toast unless it was french toast and short of swallowing the salad I can’t see that going down my trap. Instead I had some french toast.

We had prawns for lunch for three days at work last week as the Woolies beside where we work had them cheap and they are soo easy to “throw on the sandwich press”. I will admit that they were hard to eat and mainly involved cutting them up in to small enough pieces that I could swallow them. As the days have heated up and the humidity is kicking in I just couldn’t say no to prawns and with all the family coming home for Christmas I can see us eating many many many kilos of prawns.

I made another soup last night for dinner which was quite tasty a mix of green and yellow lentils with sweet potato and capsicum but oh I would like a piece of grilled chicken with salad. I’m hoping that this week I might start making some light stir fries and see how they go.

My mouth is still saw, biting into anything is painful and now I have a tooth ache to add to the haul as well. gah!