Rumour Has It

I’m struggling to write at the moment more like the last year I’ve struggled. I spent some time recently looking through old blog posts and gosh I used to write. Now I struggle to craft a few sentences into something resembling a story.

I’ve just spent the last ten  minutes trying to write an opening sentence about Saturday night. Instead I’ve written the above.


Saturday night, I went to the Judy. ahh, the Judy for a show called Rumour Has It: Sixty Minutes Inside Adele. Sam was in town so she came along, as did one of the nursies from my old work and her daughter. It wass a fantastic show. I would go as far to say that Naomi Price live was better than the Adele studio recordings. I like Adele, she write a good song and has an amazing voice but I often feel listening to the studio work that it’s just a little too equalised. I love music with good dynamics. Music where you know the singer is feeling those words from their toes to the every strand of hair on their head.

Naomi Price brought that oomph into the songs of Adele on Saturday night along with some cabaret comedy, some sass and some all round good times.

If you are in Noosa for the Long Weekend Festival or Melbourne for the Cabaret Festival, I strongly suggest getting tickets and going along to see an ah-mazing show.

The sweet smell of November rain

The house is filled with the sweet smell of November rain mingled with the perfume of the Mock Orange.

The street is filled with the soft patter of rain drops, the Four Tops from next door and the sound of whistles and yelling carrying up the hill from the netball.

The makings of Christmas presents cover the living room floor and the kitchen table.

There is  big container of dried fruit soaking in rum and spices in the pantry.

There is only a few days left till the calendar reads December.


Plans tomorrow night?

Not sure what you are doing tomorrow night? Want to catch some live tunes?

There is only one option. That is The Mountain Goats at The Zoo. Buy your tickets now!

It can be safe to say that there have been many times in the past seven years I’ve waxed on about The Mountain Goats. They probably are quite easily the band I’ve spoken about the most and my last.FM account tells me they are the band I’ve listened to the most in the last seven years that I’ve been keeping a log of my music habits.

They were last here in 2010 and this was the pretty darn fantastic show they played at The Zoo. I’m still some 754 days later pretty chuffed that out of the sold out crowd it was me! that had my request played 😀

I’ll be rocking my Babylon Springs tour shirt from 2006 in all my Mountain Goats fangirl glory.

My two wishes for tomorrow night are that they play Brisbane Hotel Sutra and that they have great tour shirts this time (bonus we are the second show of the tour so there should be plenty of sizes to pick from :))

That is tomorrow.

The Cat Empire, The Zoo, 30 Sept

Last night I went to see/feel/experience The Cat Empire at the Zoo for one of the gigs they are playing as part of their tenth anniversary tour.

It was magical, beyond most words usually used to describe a gig. There was just this energie in the room that you could feel the entire night.


The above photos is not from last night but from those years I spent as rock photographer. On that topic, last night was the first gig in some time that I have had no desire to take a photo and didn’t spend half the gig picking out the best shots and the like. Last night, my mind and body was totally there, a couple of rows from the front just to the right of the centre (the best position at the Zoo, as you get the breeze from the open windows but are still in the middle of everything), very kindly standing in front of a guy who made me stand in front of him as he was a few inches taller than me.

I didn’t think much of the support act, they sounded very different to their recordings/videos, a whole lot less polished. The total reverse to The Cat Empire who sound good on their albums but live the songs become longer with more music, more jams, more dancing and better.

The Cat Empire are playing four shows in Brisbane, two at the Zoo and two at the Tivoli, presented those options and the fact that this is their tenth anniversary tour how do you not pick the sweaty, confined spaces of the Zoo over the more majestic open space of the Tivoli? When you know it’s going to be a night of pure energie and of music that is going to flow amongst the crowd? I guess that is why the shows at the Zoo sold out first…

If the anniversery tour hasn’t rolled into your town yet, get your self some tickets and go have fun!

It was magical.

Call Me Home was just everything and more.