Plans tomorrow night?

Not sure what you are doing tomorrow night? Want to catch some live tunes?

There is only one option. That is The Mountain Goats at The Zoo. Buy your tickets now!

It can be safe to say that there have been many times in the past seven years I’ve waxed on about The Mountain Goats. They probably are quite easily the band I’ve spoken about the most and my last.FM account tells me they are the band I’ve listened to the most in the last seven years that I’ve been keeping a log of my music habits.

They were last here in 2010 and this was the pretty darn fantastic show they played at The Zoo. I’m still some 754 days later pretty chuffed that out of the sold out crowd it was me! that had my request played 😀

I’ll be rocking my Babylon Springs tour shirt from 2006 in all my Mountain Goats fangirl glory.

My two wishes for tomorrow night are that they play Brisbane Hotel Sutra and that they have great tour shirts this time (bonus we are the second show of the tour so there should be plenty of sizes to pick from :))

That is tomorrow.

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