October, it’s almost Summer

Summer of course means overcast afternoons and rain … or sunshine and the beach.

I had an RDO on Friday so N and I decided to make use of it and have a long weekend away. We headed up to Noosa to enjoy it in all its glory on the last weekend of theschool holidays … the weather was lovely on Friday, rainy and overcast on Saturday and a mishmosh today. We detoured via Pomona on the way up on Friday and I made a lovely find at one of my favourite second hand shops – A Juicy Junk Shop. Saturday was a Eumundi day; the markets, the bookshop and things like that. Saturday was also a day when the TV was turned on in hope of the Saints winning and then turned off when the difference became too painful. Sunday was today, Sunday is today. We drove the beach roads back home, stopping at Mudjimba, Cotton Tree and Caloundra for a walk. Found the most amazing tea cafe/store in Cotton Tree – The Silva Spoon (1 and 2), I’m so going back to this store! Had the most amazing raspberry hot chocolate. I can predict spending some time browsing the various teas and tea paraphernalia they sell. They had at least a hundred different tea cups and pots on sale. A quick stop off at the farm on the way home to say hello to Grandad and then the weekend was over.

I’m currently watching Stephen Fry at the Opera House on the ABC and gosh he has a way with the English language.

and some photos of course.

Saturday night in Noosa
Noosa after sunset
Noosa after sunset

Sunday Morning on the beach at Mudjimba
On the beach at Mudjimba
On the beach at Mudjimba

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  1. Well Helen, I guess we both have the same taste – and rather excellent taste it is. It’s rather strange but, I just happen to have a batch of photos of both the Juicy Junk Shop, and the Silva Spoon, waiting in my “to post” pile for the blog. In fact, the man and I were only in the Junk shop last Saturday picking up a coffee table. Cue X-files music…

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