50 hours post op

Well the surgery went a lot better than I thought in fact the surgery itself only probably took about 15-20 minutes. After all, it was just a matter of cutting a section of the gum, drilling a hole in my jaw, screwing a screw in and stitching the gum back up.

The pain was less than I expected but still pain. Talking wasn’t something I really enjoyed, in fact moving my jaw in general has not been the most enjoyable feeling. I had Thursday and Friday off work and spent most of the time in bed. Today though I’m feeling better than yesterday but still sore.

I could totally post a picture but I think most people are fine not seeing a picture of a swollen/bruised gum with stitches in. Correct? I thought so.

Moving onto other topics.

If you are in SEQ today, ignoring the wind isn’t it the most glorious day? Clear blue skies, the sun is shining, the washing is dry etc etc

Remember the M-Cups from a few years ago? They were the basis of many presents that I gave. Well those people at Fred have now introduced M-Spoons. Oh yeah, I want a set of M-Spoons.

Today is the day

In 20 mins or so I will leave to catch the train into the city to go to my appointment.

I’m a lot calmer now than I was 30 minutes ago (thank you Clipper Earl Grey, one of my best buys in London). The last 12hrs or so have seen me freaking out ever so slightly about today. Mostly about the two Mersyndol Forte tabs I have to take before the appointment – I know what two normal Mersyndol tabs do to me and that is only 19.5mg of codeine phosphate, the two Forte tabs will be dosing me up on 60mg of codeine phosphate. It’s all in the name of the game to reduce the pain during and following the surgery but still. Also about the idea that I’m getting a screw put into my jaw, which is of course not without any risk of something else happening.

Here I am this morning.
smile before

Yesterday, the orthodontist took off my top arch wire along with the brackets on my 11 and 13. It feels so good to be able to run my tongue over my teeth and actually feel teeth instead of metal and to be able to feel my teeth between the brackets. So looking forward to finally hopefully going braces free in a few months!

and an obligatory drug shot.
Today is the day, they ply me with drugs

Well now I’m off to take some drugs and to go visit the wizard…

some great news to share

I went to the prosthodontist yesterday, one x-ray later (gosh knows how many x-rays I’ve had over the years), a feel of my roots, a look at my teeth and


I’m booked in for the first stage of the implant procedure next Thursday πŸ™‚ 8 Sleeps to go. Hoping that all goes well I should have a full smile by Australia Day πŸ™‚ No more gap πŸ™‚ In saying that I’ve had metal in my mouth long enough to know nothing is certain till it’s done.

This photo is from 10mths ago so my teeth have moved have a fair bit but it does show the gap. The gap that after 14 odd years is going to be filled πŸ™‚

progress, 137/365