Helen goes to Morocco Day 4 – Casablanca, Rabat & Chefchaoen

Ahh, Day 4, what an interesting and adventure filled day this was.

We started the morning off in Casablanca and visited the Hassan II Mosque before jumping in the bus to head off to Rabat for a few hours and then on to Chefchaoen which would be our base for the next two nights.

Nothing like starting off the trip with a chunk of driving. All up only about 350km today but one thing the mainland Australians needed to quickly get used to was the fact that we were not driving in our wide brown land. Yes, Morocco may also be a wide brown land, but this is a wide brown land with different patterns of road use and road users. We would get there when we got there and that is one thing that it took some fellow travellers a while to get used to this concept. Aunty Margaret as the resident Tasmanian on the trip is quite used to the notion that yes a distance may be 300km and yes the speed limit may be 100km/hr but the odds of you actually doing that for the majority of the trip are not the highest 😀

Back to the start of the day though, we were only in Casablanca for two nights, but I quickly adored watching the changing light, colours, sounds and traffic on the beach at Ain Diab.

Looking along the beach, 7:43am
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Helen goes to Morocco Day 2 – Airports & Casablanca

September 8, 2019. The day started early and like any travel that involves flying half way round the world through time zones was a looooong day.

We landed in Abu Dhabi just after midnight. I was quite delighted to see that the Lego camel was still there. The camel once again got to nibble on some Kate Spade Cup Cake like it did for #Helengoesnorth back in 2015/2016 ( a trip like many that never really made it on to the blog…)

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Helen Goes to Morocco Day 1 – Leaving Australia

1 year ago today, Mum, Aunty Margaret and I left to go Morocco for a trip that was to last about 5 weeks.

We were heading to Morocco with Take a Walk Adventures to literally take a walk round Morocco 😀 also with quite a bit of driving as well but the general gist of the trip was to walk and in varying ways we did walk and walk some more.

Morocco had been number 1 on my countries to visit for a very long time, since I mid-teens to be precise when I first read The Drifters by James Michener, where Marrakech features as the last destination in the novel. To finally get to travel to Morocco was something that I was very excited about but also a bit scared and anxious about, would Morocco in real life be like the Morocco had I had imaged over the last 17+ years? In a move to hopefully not be disappointed by Morocco and due to the nature of the trip, I purposely did very little research, I did not want to have oodles of photos in my mind taken by others of the places we were to visit, I did not want the stories and experiences of others to flavour the memories I hoped to build on this trip.

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15 years on, an update

Wow, that is a bit of mind flash writing those words. 15 years on. When I first started this blog, I didn’t really think about what it would look like in the future. I did know that when other blogs started to fade away, I wanted to keep mine alive. Even if it was not updated regularly but as a snippet of time, forever there on the internet whilst I continued to pay the hosting fees.

Back in April 2005, I posted this post – where I have been and where I want to go

Back in 2005, this is where I had been.
Flash Forward 15 years, and I’ve added a bit of the more world, but not as much as I had hoped:D

15 years ago, I would have thought there would have been more coloured on this map by 2020 but life happens, adventures happens and some trips have just not yet been made.

I’ve only included countries where I have stayed a night so Singapore and the UAE are not included.

Perhaps in the next 15 years once we are out of the COVID-19 world that we live in currently, there will be more red on this map next time.

If you want to do a map yourself, you are able to do them at this website – Visited Countries

Harira Soup

One of my fondest food discoveries from Morocco was the Harira soup. Savouring the different versions we had of it as we travelled around that great country was a total delight.
Some times, it had vermicelli in, some times not.
Some times, it was made on a meat stock base, some times not.
Some times, it was quite a thin soup, some times not.
Some times, it had quite a few lentil varieties in it, some times not.
Some times, it was quite red, sometimes it was more orange.
Every time it was pretty darn tasty, some times just a lot more tasty 🙂

It was one of the foods that every time we were presented with a buffet, I quickly scoped out the soup option, would this soup that I so dearly loved be present?
When a pot of soup would be brought to our table by our cooks or hosts whilst travelling, I eagerly awaited the opening of the pot, would it contain this soup that I so dearly loved?

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