Hawaii Day 1

The Easter long weekend normally means a trip somewhere, or kind of somewhere

last year it was a trip to the spare room as I prepped for a CA Capstone workshop the following weekend.

the year before it was ?????????

the year before that it was Penang

This year it was Hawaii with two of my friends from uni days Sam and Justin. We flew with Hawaiian Airlines because well 2 x 32kg bags ….vs 1 x 23kg with Jetstar.  Ok so that last bit was more something I was excited about than the others and that may only be because well I brought home some groceries … ok really I bought home a whole bunch of pop tarts, like a lot.

Hawaiian does a cracker of a flight out of Brisbane to Honolulu, a perfect flight for an after work escape on a plane to the middle of the Pacific. Why is it a cracker? Well because the departure time is 9:45pm. Thank you very much HA444. That not too late but not too early flight which means you can leave work at 5pm, go home finish packing, grab a bite to eat and make it to the airport in time.  Ok so that dinner might only be a jaffle but still … and anyway you will get some sort of snack on the plane once it takes off. The flight takes about 9hrs so again a pretty perfect after work flight because you know that halfway through the first movie you will be fast asleep albeit not in pyjamas and not curled up in your own bed but still you know that when you wake up, you will be a whole lot closer to those islands in the middle of the Pacific, HAWAII!

….. Fast forward 9 hours and some somewhat not the nicest plane food … Cue a little bit of food poisoning for me… Aside from that. This is what you see when the wheels hit the tarmac and how can you not love those mountains? That glorious haze/volcanic fog creating the perfect graduation of colours 😀

Day 1 - 20160324_G16_6684

Once I had my bags and the passport stamped it was out into the real world. Shuttle found, I was of course going to be the last person to be dropped off at my hotel. We went via some of the fancy ones, some of the middle ones and then we get to mine and the driver is like  mmmmm.

I had two nights in Honolulu before  Sam and Justin to arrive  (perfect for me to relax and recover from that food poisoning) and had booked myself in to this little place – The Holiday Surf. Ok so I may have ended up picking this place because of the Whale mural painted on the front of the building and hey my room certainly did not disappoint in the mural department because my ceiling looked a bit like this.

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0202


But hey, I did have a view up the mountains from my balcony.

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0203

In saying that, double glazed windows or some form of soundproofing would have been  nice because well that road in that photo? Well that is one of the main drags in Waikiki and well the traffic does not really stop ….

After enjoying the view from the balcony it was time to sleep/recover/watch C-Span.

Then it was time to explore and explore I did.

And these are some of the things that I found 🙂

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0215

Jamba Juice! So many OC memories 🙂 and actually I have to say that I like their drinks better than Boost, they didn’t taste anywhere near as sweet.


Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0226

Oh look! A Kate Spade store! The Kate Spade Cupcake sure did like that 🙂 I wonder what we might find inside???

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0219

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0216

Kate Spade and many other retailers release Hawaii exclusive products, mainly to cater to the Asian tourist market but hey this Aussie was not complaining because Pineapples!!!!

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0217

Or Hula dancers on a Maise bag?

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0218

Or what is this????? Red, white, tropical leaf print Harmony bag???? and it is on sale??? and this is the same style bag as my black work hand bag …. Well I think it is safe to say that this bag came home to Australia with me isn’t it???? As we were heading over to the Big Island once Sam and Justin arrive, the shop girls very kindly stored the bag for at the shop and I picked it up when we returned to Oahu 🙂

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0233

How gorgeous are these tights from Breathe by Body Glove??? If I had not just spent $$ on a handbag, was flat out tired and really didn’t feel like trying on clothes, these would have been tried on and probably taken home with me 🙂

After a decent while walking through the Ala Moana Center it was time to start walking back to my ceiling mural and C-SPAN but first 🙂

Day 1 - 20160324_G16_6694

Oh look a selfie!

Day 1 - 20160324_G16_6693-HDR

Palm trees! Beach! People! Sunset! But wait for it ….


Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0239

A very nice Art Deco entrance portal into the Ala Moana Beach Park. These entrance portals along with the canal bridges and pavilions were designed by Harry Sims Bent who was the park architect for the City and County of Honolulu in the mid 1930’s. You can read more about the park in this very interesting scan of a book – Ala Moana The People’s Park

But what is this?

Day 1 - 20160324_G16_6699-HDR

This girl who has hung about in Penang can spot an Ernest Zacharevic piece of street art from a distance 🙂 This piece was painted as part of Pow! Wow! 2015

and for a little photo that really summed up how I was feeling about  Hawaii after less than 12 hours was this installation in the Kate Spade concession in Bloomingdales.

Day 1 - 20160324_Z5_0237

Yep, you sure did have me at aloha 😀

A cold, cold walk on Christmas Day

It has become somewhat of a tradition in our family to go for a walk or a stroll after lunch on Christmas Day.

This year, Karl and I took Stella for a walk round town. Christmas Day was mighty cold for Reykjavik, the weather bureau recorded -9.7°C at noon on Christmas Day! A vast difference to the 25.4°C or so that was observed in Brisbane at noon on the 25th.

We went down to the harbour and then strolled back through the “west side” home to get ready for Christmas Day dinner with Kata’s paternal family.

As it was Christmas Day we wore Santa Hats for the walk, sadly the Santa Hats were not wool or super fleecy so did not really provide optimum warmth :/
Karl and I on the jetty
Karl and I on the jetty

Karl and Stella at the end of the jetty
Karl and Stella at the end of the jetty

Love the ice patterns on the jetty
Love the ice patterns on the jetty

I loved how the ice had formed on the timbers of the jetty, the bevel that formed on the edge of the timbers was ice free as were the screw/nails holding the jetty together.  You can see in the above photo of Karl and Stella how the ice looked from a different angle on the jetty timbers.

I saw a few more than three ships on Christmas Day
I saw a few more than three ships on Christmas Day

There was quite a few ships docked for the holidays, I wish I had got a photo of just three ships so I could have said “I saw three ships come sailing in, on Christmas Day”

Rocks frozen into the sand
Rocks frozen into the sand

These rocks were mostly frozen into the sand/gravel as when the tide went out leaving behind wet sand/gravel it promptly froze.

Looking out from the slips
Looking out from the slips

It was a very low tide so we were able to go the slips at the bottom of the dry docks to attempt to scavenge for treasures.

Ice starting to form on the harbour
Ice starting to form on the harbour

It was so cold that ice was starting to form on the still parts of the harbour! That was pretty cool to see.

Frozen seaweed
Frozen seaweed

I loved the ice edges on the seaweed 🙂

The snow is very pretty on the mountains
The snow is very pretty on the mountains

Obligatory shot of snowy mountains.




Sam Strawberry Man
Sam Strawberry Man

Some newish art on one of the doors of Vallarstræti

Aníta Hinriksdóttir out sprint training on Christmas Day
Aníta Hinriksdóttir out sprint training on Christmas Day

I saw these two running up the street and thought that they might be tourists out of run for something to do on Christmas Day when not much is open. When they reached the top and turned around to walk down and repeat the hill sprints, Karl recognised the girl as a champion Icelandic middle-distance runner who has been breaking more than a few records in the past years.

The sun starts to set
The sun starts to set

Then it was time to head back home to get a bit warmer and dressed to go to dinner.



Yes, it has been a whopping 255 days since my last post. I have written a few drafts in that time but I’ve just never pressed the publish button. Here is to hopefully a few more posts appearing shortly.



I love this building

I go to work everyday in a Harry Seidler designed building and everyday I pause in the lobby and take it all in.

The space, the glass, the lines, the acoustics, the everything.

I love it all.

There are shadows .

#harryseidler shadows

There are lines.

The sails are glassless at the moment and I kinda like it.<br /><br /><br /><br />

There are curves.#thissundaylife is saying sigh I do quite love those #harryseidler curves.

There is glass, lots of glass.

I love this building oh so much.<br /><br /><br /><br />
I go to work everyday in a #HarrySeidler designed building and everyday I pause in the lobby and take it all in.  The space, the glass, the lines, the acoustics, the

And most importantly, there is the wave. Love the wave.

Fairy Bread Birthday Cake

#thissundaylife is #fairybread cake because frankly it is darn smart way to eat fairy bread when in double digits.

Ever since I saw the Fairy Bread cake on Raspberri Cupcakes, I knew I had to make it, and I knew it would be the perfect birthday cake for one of girls at work. If only her birthday would hurry up!

I used the butter cake recipe from the AWW Birthday Cake book, which is frankly the best butter cake recipe ever and iced it with a white chocolate butter cream.

I baked the butter cake in a square cake pan and then cut into smaller triangles, to more accurately represent fairy bread quarters. 🙂

Winning cake all round.

#thissundaylife is #fairybread cake because frankly it is darn smart way to eat fairy bread when in double digits.