Helen goes to Morocco Day 19 – Aroumd

The plan today for the group was an acclimatisation walk up to about 2500m from our guest house which would include a visit to the Tidli Waterfall. That was no longer on my plan for the day though. Margaret and another one of the travellers also did not have this on their plan today as they went back down to Imlil to visit the local medical clinic for a check up. Margaret then continued onto a larger clinic in Marrakesh as that fall a few days ago had really done a number on her.

My day was spent mostly in bed; I felt terrible and absolutely exhausted. I managed to eat some vegemite on bread for breakfast and more of the same for lunch and dinner along with some hydralyte.

I was very grateful today for the foresight I had had in bringing a small container of Vegemite with me. I had packed it as there is nothing worse than being on the other side of the world and having a hankering for Vegemite on toast and not having any. Vegemite on dry toast with orange cordial was our convalescence food growing up if were ailed by the runs or generally feeling poorly. I was extremely grateful to have that container of Vegemite with me today and for the coming days as I would gradually get better. The only wish I would have is though that I should have packed a slightly larger container of Vegemite in my bag!

When the main group returned from their walk, Mum took me out for a little loop through the upper part of Aroumd. It was so lovely seeing all the apples, looking for different metal work on the buildings and flowers. It was also nice to have some fresh air on my face. It was a slow ramble and I was absolutely shattered by the end of it.

No map today because well, I was only in one place! Aroumd, all day 🙂 That is Day 19, short and sweet because I was not feeling short or sweet at all.

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