Helen goes to Morocco Day 20 – Aroumd

Today the group were heading up to the Neltner Refuge where they would spend two nights. I was not going to be heading up to the refuge. When I had woken up still sick yesterday and had not improved that much during the day, I had pretty much written off attempting to peak bag Toubkal on this trip. Just another reason to return to Morocco right?? Aunty Margaret & I walked up to the police hut with the group to say good bye to them. Since the murder of a two women from Denmark & Norway in December 2018, security in this part of Morocco had been significantly increased and as part of that, records are kept of everyone entering the region and as you go past various points, you need to supply your ID documents again to be re-recorded.

It was then back to the guest house where Margaret & I watched the mules get loaded up with their mule team to follow the walkers up the mountain. We then relocated to the rooms downstairs for the next few days as there were other guests booked in to the rooms we had been in. One of the other travellers in our group had also come down with a bug likely also from the cos lettuce leaves and he was also going to be staying put at the guesthouse with us whilst the rest of them traipsed up the mountain.

I was quite taken by this lovely blue’ish blanket that was on my bed, the warp threads were this crimson red which really added a depth to the various blues used in the weft. I would have quite happily have taken it home with me! Or even just downstairs with me for the next few days πŸ˜€

Later in the afternoon, Margert and I headed out for a short walk along the P2005 road which comes from Imlil up to Aroumd. We had a lovely time looking at plants and the landscape use along the way.

After having eating not much more than vegemite & bread for breakfast & lunch, I had some nourishing Harira soup for dinner, which was nice but my digestive system was still quite tender and I was treading very carefully with what I was eating.

I wonder what will tomorrow bring?

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