I’m a big kid now.

I gave blood today …. by myself.

I went with Mum 10 days ago to give blood but was turned away as it had been less than a week since I had a Hep B shot. Pabbi picked me up from work today to take me to give blood just in case I was a little woozy after donating and would not be able to drive home.

Total reverse happened. It was my 9th donation and my best ever. My iron level was 130 which is ok and I donated my 470ml in a bit under 8 minutes. None of this having a low iron level, using the whole time and only getting about 400mls out like in the past. The best part? I literally stepped up from the chair, had my muffin and walked out of the Red Cross Centre feeling 100%. No woozy/dizzy feelings at all. So Happy, I just hope it is a sign of future donations. Still pretty stoked about it.

And here is a photo of my Mum, if Mum didn’t donate, I don’t know if I would donate or more to the point, I don’t think I would have 9 donations by now. I have so many memories of Matthew and I spending time with Mum in the City waiting for her as she gave blood and then sitting in the chairs having our cheese and Jatz.

This is my Mum

What is stopping you from giving blood this week?

Most people are eligible to give blood. If you are eligible what is stopping you? Yes it might hurt, Yes it does take about 45mins out of your day, Yes you need to be careful with your arm after donating and Yes in 20 years time you might have track marks on your arms but for all those the bigger question if you don’t donate your blood every 3 months, will be there blood when you or someone you know needs blood products. 1 in 30 Australians donate. The number should be higher. You can make that number higher.

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  1. lucky! 8 minutes?!? that’s unreal. I really wish I could give blood but after my third attempt (and subsequent fainting spell), the nurses told me to stop trying.

    The importance of giving blood was really brought home to me when I was with my friend in the er a few weeks ago and she had to have three bags of blood before her surgery. We have the same blood type and I was really feeling guilty for not being able to donate.

  2. Lol Rebekah, I was told the same thing after my first couple of times of fainting etc but I kept on coming back. I know one time I fainted the next morning which was a bit of a shock.

  3. Helen!
    High fives to you!
    I have just started my four months out of the year donation rounds.. I don’t often donate during the Dragon Boat season, because I am paddling so much but November through February… my arms are all theirs.
    I try to donate platelets once a week and blood in the appropriate intervals. Platelets is usually a relaxing 1 1/2 hour recline with my iPod or a movie… the last blood donation (2 weeks ago) literally lasted 1 and a half songs… zoom zip and it was coolie time.

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