nothing but blue skies

Totally an overstatement as we have had lots of grey skies here recently.
Sandgate Rd Sky

I went out to dinner last night with Ms Andrea as a last supper of sorts before she heads off next week to spend a week with her maternal family in Nebraska. We had dinner at Tomato Brothers. I had a semi-decent Tomato and Fetta salad (it had more rocket and pesto than it had fetta), she had the Mediterranean salad, we shared a Veg Out pizza. It was good, though when you put roast potatoes on a pizza I really think they need to be thin, not thick slices.

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we gossiped, we debated, we laughed, we ate. Then it was time for a good bye. Andrea going in one direction with a pizza for her boyfriend to have for dinner, I went the other way with this photo.

The last supper

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