bit of a wrap up

Yesterday was the Queen’s birthday public holiday and I spent most of it at my parents sewing, I have finally finished the top of my 21st birthday quilt. I turn 23 in September…… IT looks so good and I can’t wait to see it on my bed.

Today is Tuesday and I flexed the day off to give me a four day weekend πŸ™‚ What a day I had, I started off with a long list of jobs to do this morning and now at 21:40 I can cross most of those jobs off. I have changed the address on my drivers licence, bank account, organised insurance (I’ve only been here a month and a dew days…..), re-arranged my wardrobe, did some shopping, took a bunch of cracked lids back to Tupperware for replacing. The only thing I haven’t done is my ironing which I am about to do and to process the photos from the two most recent gigs I have gone along to.

Tonight for dinner I made a delightful salad. It was fennel, salad leaves, beans, carrot, dried cherry tomatoes, some lightly fried capsicum and toasted walnuts with a lemon and Shiraz vinaigrette and a rasher of bacon. It looked good and tasted good, the only thing I might have added was some apple for a bit of sweetness. Since moving out I have experimented a lot more with my cooking as if is a flop it is only a flop for one person or maybe two if Andrea is eating with me. The pork/ginger rissoles were not the best but the dhal I made last week was soooo good. Andrea commented tonight that I am so good always making dinner and as I said to Andrea, it is just because I am too cheap to buy takeout. Friday night I made a tasty apple and walnut loaf which I will make again in the coming days and tweak the recipe a bit before posting it here.

I am very slowly getting used to having the internet again. It is not weird I just don’t have the desire to check out all the sites that I was checking out before I moved out.

Oh I also should probably mention I got my hair cut two Wednesdays ago, I had about 3″ taken off it, about half my hair or more thinned out and I have a bit of a side fringe. It is so weird, my pony tail is sooo skinny compared to how fat it used to be. I like it just not used to having so much lightness with this sort of length.

a mish mosh life

My life is in a bit of a weird place at the moment. The internet is still not connected at our flat yet so to use my computer/the net I have to come home and when I do come home I don’t really like using the computer – sort of feels like I am in a Net Cafe with my 30mins of allocated time ticking away. To check my emails – which I can do via the web but I just don’t have the time at work to do so that often, Mum reads me the senders out over the phone. So funny, what an interesting way to check emails. Then I know what is waiting for me to find time to check at work or come home and read.

Last night Andrea and I (and later on a friend of Andrea’s) went down to one of “our (new) locals”, to grab a Pub meal and to enjoy a night of fReTfEST featuring amongst others Rob Longstaff (his website seems to be down at the moment) and Georgia Potter, a post with pictures is coming shortly.

Mum and I went to Chermie this morning and I managed to find not only a cardigan which I was looking for but a jacket and a new work shirt as well. I have been very lacking in the cooler weather gear department of items which have more office style than Polartecs. The jacket and the cardigan are both Australian Merino which is pretty nice. I also picked up a recipe book, to start copying recipes from Mum’s handwritten recipe book to my own.

The 2nd Mountain Goats session is finally up on Daytrotter and oh sigh what a fantastic collection of four recordings it is. San Bernardino is such a delicate recording compared to the version on Heretic Pride. I had forgotten how much I loved There Will Be No Divorce and 02-75, what a sweet song that is and well Raja Vocative is Raja Vocative.

Tonight I am going on a boat cruise of the lovely Brisbane River with a large collection of people from work. Thankfully the sky has cleared and the wind has eased a bit! Yesterday, not many of us was looking forward to today!

And because we always need photos here some photos from the last week or so.
QPAC The old flour mill and Albion station Looking West from Albion station rain at sunset sigh trees

Toto, I don’t think we are in Kedron any more

Toto, I think this looks like Wooloowin.
This isn't Kedron anymore toto

Toto, this is Wooloowin!

As some as you know, I moved out of home yesterday to a block of flats at Wooloowin – a whole transport zone closer to the city πŸ™‚ Yesterday was spent packing, unpacking, sorting, rearranging etc etc. I have moved out with Andrea, who is well Andrea, we went to uni together and well is my partner in not so criminal crimes. Here is a little peak of the flat. Still lots of boxes all over the place and mmm where should we put this and mmm we need something to go there and mmmm where did I put that?

new digs

I am currently computerless though at Wooloowin as I am been really kind to my dear mother and leaving my computer in my old room for the time been πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™ no computer, Helen doesn’t know what to do! Means I have to come home as well πŸ™‚

music, food and photos.

Yet another post condensing most of a weeks activity into one blog post. I am so behind. I have dreams of posting a blog sooner after an event but I just get sidetracked. I have a whole week where I actually did things to blog about/process photos. Sunday I was at two concerts, Tuesday I baked, Wednesday Andrea and I went to the movies, Thursday I went to photograph Clap Your Hands Say Yeah at the Zoo, Friday I went out to dinner with Andrea and some of her friends, this morning I went into the city to watch the spires lifted into place at St John’s Cathedral. This arvo I went to the movies. Quite a week and now I am busy catching up.

I probably should start off with Sunday.
I had one goal for the arvo and that was to see Yeo and The Fresh Goods at Rics and that I did. Right next door at Kaliber, Nightillion were doing there Sunday afternoon sessions/jam thing. Fusing all sorts of musical goodness together, it was nice. Meanwhile at Rics, Mr Laneous (pron. similar to miscellaneous) were taking care of getting the arvo started. A wander round The Valley and then it was time for Yeo and Co to fill the stage at Rics and play to a bar full of Shiny Happy People. I was fancy free and relatively footloose or really it was a Sunday where we weren’t’ going to The Farm as Mum had taken Grandad road tripping and left us all at home. It is a catch 22 of sorts. I would love to go more of the Sunday arvo session at Rics/Powerhouse/etc but Sunday arvos/night is the time we spend with Grandad and I am smart enough to know that those days are a whole lot more numbered than Sunday arvo sessions at Rics. It was so great to see Yeo play live. Tom and Tiana were outside and asked me what sort of music Yeo plays, I described as sort of electro reggae, I much prefer the three myspace genres; French pop / Punk / Reggae. Much better.

Yeo, (click image for the gig gallery).

Random Valley Shot. 56/366
matching bags, 56/366

Sunday evening it was the Creative Vibes shindig at The Troubie, not much of a turnout but it was still good, the couches were “pulled” from the walls and arranged in a few more social friendly rows near the stage, made it feel even more like a lounge room than it normally does. The bill for the night was Tess Henderson (what a voice), Tom Woodward (see x previous posts on Tom) and Justin Grounds (technically interesting but I was too tired to appreciate it). The light seemed to be at half strength to what it normally is at the Troubie which was a bit bleh for me.

Tess’s piano player, (click image for the gig gallery).
Luke on piano

Random Desk Shot.
desk, 24/02/2008

Monday. 57/366.
Yep Christmas Cards are still up, it is only February (when this photo was taken) after all.
still Christmas

Tuesday. 58/366.
I was really tempted not to take a photo on Tuesday, was just so tempted to chucking this whole project in but I took a photo of my saeng cover, I love those flowers dearly. Yay for Ikea.
BLOMMIG, 56/366

Wednesday night. 59/366.
Andrea and I went for fish (Barramundi-Andrea, Calamari-Me) and chips and a movie at Portside (Hamilton). We had 1hr 45mins between when the fish and chip shop closed and when our movie started. Granted we probably didn’t leave the fish and chip shop till a good 25mins after it closed, it meant we had quite a bit of time to laze around by the river talking, laughing, chatting and playing. The movie we went to see was Charlie Wilson’s War, which was not as funny as I thought it would be.

Helen mid sentance by Andrea Andrea in trolley Andrea, 58/366

Thursday night I went to photograph Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Manchester Orchestra at the Zoo. I met Alain Bouvier, that was a laugh. I started talking to one of the other photographers, he said he was French etc etc, I asked if he knew Ange Takats, he said of course and we laughed, we knew of each other through Ange, that was a laugh. Music wise I preferred Manchester Orchestra over CYHSY, I left shortly after our three songs were up for CYHSY. I think that explains it.

Manchester Orchestra, (click image for the gig gallery).
Manchester Orchestra

Drinking Receptacles. 60/366
drinking receptacles, rubbish trolley, 60/366

Friday was a hell of a day at work, just never seemed like I was going to get my work done. I got it all done though.
Friday night I went out to dinner at Sitar with Andrea and some of her high school friends who I had met round her parties before.
80% of us had the deluxe banquet. I was glad I wore a dress as I wasn’t unbuckling a top button like the others. Oh it was good, of the four curries we picked, the only one which we all disliked was the Bengal Prawn Masala most likely because the prawns were like rubber. The Lamb Korma was oh my and don’t get me started on the Peshwari Naan. I could eat that for breakfast, lunch and tea for the rest of my life.

banquet remains
Couple Dining, 61/366

That brings us to today, Saturday which will very much be another blog post as that has photos, photos, photos of the spires going on St John’s.

Jan 24

Andrea and I got together tonight for some retail time. Well really time spent socialising at Chermie and not really buying anything.
I am after a pair of black pants. It sounds so simple. Anything but. I want black, 100% cotton or similar, real pockets, nice cut. I tried on pants after pants after pants. There were one pair that were sort of ok, probably about a 7/10 on the like factor. I came home pantless. The problem is that I have a pair of stoney camel Country Road pants that I got off the sale racks at Myer a little while ago. I love them, decent pockets, Italian cotton and most of all a really nice cut. This of course means that any pants I try on are held up against them. Do they have that same feel? Do they fit as well as the Holy Grail pants to? The answer was no, it always seems to be no. I am thinking that perhaps I need to make a trip to a tailor in SE Asia with said pants and ask for X copies in X different fabrics. Moving away from my tale of looking for that perfect pair of black pants.

One of the things Andrea had for me was this CD (click image for the track listing etc).
come together
Andie knows that I have a slight thing for covers. I now have 7 or 8 Beatles cover albums. This is a really good album, feels very Sunday arvo BBQ. A more alt, slightly folk, with a hint of Americana style Beatles, it works.

and some photos.

Backlit Leaves, aren’t they so pretty?
Backlit Leaves, 24/366

some cool yarn.
cool yarn, 23/366

the day before.
Made in India. My most hippy skirt. I picked up this skirt many trips round the sun ago for a school dance. I never ended up wearing it to the school dance. It has sat at the bottom of my wardrobe all that time, with me not feeling flowers in my hair enough to pull off the skirt. I went to a party the other night and decided to wear it. Now I very much feel flowers in my hair enough to wear it.
Made in India, 22/366

nothing but blue skies

Totally an overstatement as we have had lots of grey skies here recently.
Sandgate Rd Sky

I went out to dinner last night with Ms Andrea as a last supper of sorts before she heads off next week to spend a week with her maternal family in Nebraska. We had dinner at Tomato Brothers. I had a semi-decent Tomato and Fetta salad (it had more rocket and pesto than it had fetta), she had the Mediterranean salad, we shared a Veg Out pizza. It was good, though when you put roast potatoes on a pizza I really think they need to be thin, not thick slices.

We ate, we talked, we laughed, we gossiped, we debated, we laughed, we ate. Then it was time for a good bye. Andrea going in one direction with a pizza for her boyfriend to have for dinner, I went the other way with this photo.

The last supper