oh happy day!

That’s what I am singing today.

new day, new sunrise, new leadership

The election last night didn’t go 100% as I wanted it to go but I am extremely happy with the House of Reps result, slightly cheesed about the Senate (below the line peoples, below the line), sad for the Democrats, but so so happy for the Greens. Extremely happy for Queensland. Extremely happy for the future of this wide brown land.

We spent the night round the TV last night, watching the ABC, I was listening to Roy & HG call it on Triple J whilst I was in my bedroom processing these photos. So looking forward to the Chaser’s election wrap up on Wednesday night. Would have loved to have heard what Tim Freedman would have said at the Concert Hall last night on hearing that the Terror had ended. Happy for the future of this country.

Yesterday morning I got up round 3am to go out and get these photos. I was close to going back to bed but I said to myself, today is going to mark the dawn of a new era, I need to have those photos. I went out to Shorncliffe to watch the sunrise over Fisherman’s Island with my camera. It was cloudy, it was very windy but the sun did peek through those clouds and give me a promise of what was coming later in the day.

The Terror ended today

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  1. it would have been nice to see the greens get a few more votes around the country.. i live in one of safest labor seats in the country so my vote doesn’t really count for much, but i was happy to see johnny boy ousted. good riddance to bad rubbish!

    your photos are quite profound for the situation i guess.. in fact, they’re quite beautifully poignant.

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