4 new layouts

2 paper, 2 digital and I can tell you that each paper layout is becoming harder and harder to do but I want/need to use up some of this stuff that adorns my desk.

The Mountain Goats are in town tonight and are playing at The Zoo and of course I am going πŸ˜€

Ok the first one is the one I did at Ali‘s house the other night (she has also posted her pics of our day out and I strongly recommend you go over there and check them out). The next one is from out trip to Tasmania back in the summer. The third one is that I started a while ago but never quite finished.
The Whitlams Kayaking at Coles Bay Waterfall Bay

This one started out as a paper layout but I just couldn’t get it work how I wanted it to so I hopped on the computer and did it instead, it is a double pager. I really love how it turned out πŸ™‚
Bay of Fires

some more road trip layouts

These a couple of layouts I have been working on recently in breaks from study/uni, which is what I am doing at the moment – finishing off a presentation for class tomorrow on “ownership and management issues in state owned enterprises in China” which will also be the topic of my semester essay. How Fun!!
Seal Lake



More Layouts from Tasmania

Well Uni starts back on Monday and I am doing five subjects this semester instead of the usual four to gain an extra major so I won’t be creating as much. I am thinking at the moment to designate each interest a week so in that week any free time I have, I will spend doing X. That is the plan… but here are some layouts I did the other day from our trip to Tasmania. Click on the photos to be taken to a larger image and their notes. πŸ™‚
Yacht Race Richmond Bridestowe Lavender

shoes, ornaments, a bag and so much more.

Stream Shoes The other day I picked up a pair of Source Stream sandals and they are just pure bliss, I have a hard time with shoes from wearing a 9.5 but mostly finding shoes that are always comfortable and can wear all day. Well these certainly fit the criteria and they are so funky as well – the images on the straps are sunflowers πŸ™‚

I have been after some new work pants for a while now but finding good work pants is hard as well. Pants need to be loose fitting, breathable, big pockets etc so that I can actually fill the shelves instead of standing like a bean post, well I found a pair in the most unlikely shop. I was in Mountain Designs and saw some travel pants, which fitted all the criteria – black, loose, pockets, breathable. Score! What makes them even better is that they are a 55% Hemp/45% PET blend, dude my pants are a bong! (yeah I know that the hemp they grow for fabric is different to the pot kind but still), the best bit? They were reduced from $90 to $40, score!

Mikasa Cake Stand

How cute is this little cake stand from Mikasa? It is 5.75″ wide and 4″ high, perfect for taking photos of a single slice of cake or some biscuits πŸ™‚

Villeroy & Boch Ornaments

Two more purchases, as my family and friends know, I have a very good relationship with Christmas Ornaments, we go together like Vegemite and cheese or milk and milo, so when I saw these in the Vileroy & Boch store at DFO, nothing was going to stop me taking them home with me. They are from the Scandinavian Christmas 2004 series, which was the second year in V&B’s Christmas round the world annual collection, Russia was 2003 and America was 2005.
A bag for Rachel

This is a bag I made for a friend who loves cats and is quite fluent in Japanese, so what better than a bag based on a pattern in a Japanese craft book and Japanese quilting fabric? Idea for the bag is from this book (the middle one on the front cover) – ISBN4529040011. Crafting Japanese entry for the book.

I love Pandani! They were such cool plants to play with whilst in Tasmania, the way the leaves formed corkscrews was just so cool, so here is a layout I did on them earlier today πŸ™‚

Well that is for the moment, I was in the middle of making a bag but I ran out of thread πŸ™ so now I am playing in photoshop and chilling out to the crazy/beautiful soundtrack.

Batman Bridge

This is a layout I did earlier this evening, you know like 15mins ago πŸ™‚ one of the many joys of digital scrapbooking, I don’t have to hike downstairs to the scanner and scan the bugger in.

I have spent a little bit of hard earned dough in the last couple days, but of course when I wanted to take photos today it was all overcast and rainy πŸ™ and I also have done some sewing but again can’t take photos because of the weather πŸ™
Batman Bridge.