some new layouts

Four new layouts from the last day or two and two from before we went away, as always click on the thumbnail to be taken to it’s page with it’s notes and larger image πŸ™‚
sunflowers Christmas day tea Galahs boat trip Mr Frog Me

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  1. HELEN!!! oh my god! this is so funny! do you remember me? in 2001 I stayed with your family for 6 weeks.neele & doreen from germany! I can`t believe I found this side! I was just fooling around and looking for some pictures of brisbane. don`t know where to start, so much has happened during the last years. after my parents got divorced we bought a new house. since we moved in and out I lost every single thing I brought from pictures, your letters, your adress.. everything! There were so many times, I wanted to write to you but as I just said, I don`t have any adress since am often thinking about the time in australia. it was a great experience. How are you? How is the family? ruth, matthew and paul? I would be so glad to receive an answer from you! Please send many greetings to ruth and the rest of your family! I know, you have been to germany 1 or 2 years later. Doreen told me. I asked her to talk to you so that we could have met, but she didn`t..what are you doing? I am really excited right now and looking forward to receiving your answer soon πŸ™‚ bye, neele

  2. hey helen! how are you? any news? did you already move to melbourne??
    ruth and you never wrote back?! *big hug* neele

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