dude, it’s all about the pink.

Some time after finishing High School in November 2002, I started to become shall we say more girly, in fact a few of the high school girls say that without a doubt I am the most changed since school (I’m cool with that). As I started to realise my girly side, a whole lot more pink started appearing in my life and well yesterday the ultimate piece of pinkness arrived. Can you guess what it is from the picture below? Yep a PINK Motorola V3 Razr, I can still remember when I first saw the post about them over on Shiny Shiny, I was just in utter bliss. I had to get one!! So I started tracking the prices on Ebay (meant I saved about AU$200 on the price) and when the price was right, I hit that little button and bought one πŸ™‚ We are now a little Razr family as Matthew has a Black Razr πŸ™‚
dude, go the pink

This is actually only a fraction of the pink things I own, some clothes are in the wash, my wallets are in hand bags, my bin is on the floor, sheets in the linen cupboard etc etc. What can I say; itÒ€ℒs all about the pink!

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  1. Ooooh Lala! I am loving montage HRH The Duchess of Pinkness. I LOVE it!
    I was not so pink for a very oong time but now? Bring on the pink!
    Karyn bought me a BRIGHT PINK Sequined Blondie pink top a while back,so great!
    more pink more pink!

  2. im so gald you gave into the temptation and finally bought a new phone!! I now won’t get any more of those calls where all i can hear muffled movement πŸ™‚
    And pink?? Glad to see all your accessories are matching now!!

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