You Gotta Love This Girl

Tracy is well I don’t really know what words to use to describe her other than she is an incredible person. We met on 2peas a couple of years ago, I was a wee girl a couple months shy of my 18th birthday, she was a Garden Girl (one of those women on 2peas who you aww over) and well the rest is history, we’ve emailed each other, cheered each other on and given no barriers held advice when needed, she is a pretty cool lady and I am glad to know her 🙂

So, imagine my delight this afternoon when I came back from celebrating my Grandfather’s 86th Birthday to an email showing me this 🙂 Then to add to all my proudness of what she is achieving, she has a paper line coming out with A2Z Essentials which is about to be released at a trade show that starts today/tomorrow 🙂 Called Harmony 🙂 – Go Tracy 🙂
Helen by tracy

4 Replies to “You Gotta Love This Girl”

  1. You have been imortalised (sp??) for ever more in the digi scrappin world LOL

    Got to love Tracy 🙂

  2. Are you kidding me??
    You have “paper” named after you??
    You are famous Helen! So very cool that she did that!, I must buy it right away!
    I want my own “HELEN” to scrap with. so very cool!
    I will download it and make something EXTRA fancy. And I will smile the whole time 🙂
    And I am sure Princess Photoshop will be pleased as well.

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