4 new layouts

2 paper, 2 digital and I can tell you that each paper layout is becoming harder and harder to do but I want/need to use up some of this stuff that adorns my desk.

The Mountain Goats are in town tonight and are playing at The Zoo and of course I am going πŸ˜€

Ok the first one is the one I did at Ali‘s house the other night (she has also posted her pics of our day out and I strongly recommend you go over there and check them out). The next one is from out trip to Tasmania back in the summer. The third one is that I started a while ago but never quite finished.
The Whitlams Kayaking at Coles Bay Waterfall Bay

This one started out as a paper layout but I just couldn’t get it work how I wanted it to so I hopped on the computer and did it instead, it is a double pager. I really love how it turned out πŸ™‚
Bay of Fires

6 Replies to “4 new layouts”

  1. Heya pal!!!

    Awesome layouts!!! So love that double layout, too!!! JUST GORGEOUS!!!

    Still can’t believe you insisted on using the photo of us where I look like a turtle AND have my ticket upside down! LOL

    Ali πŸ™‚

  2. oh my goodness… I love them all of course… the double pager is amazing….. and I love waterfall bay…………. paper or digital it doesnt matter.. you do them both so well..

  3. Those are some stunning layouts! ^_^

    I’m JUST getting into scrapbooking! Do you do much on paper, or is it mostly digital? I’ve no idea where to start with the writing for the paper pages; letter stickers are SO expensive…

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