Easter Weekend round up

Ok so it is only day 3 of the 4 day weekend but  I know what will happen tomorrow so I may as well save time and blog about it today 🙂
Four days of Easter weekend goodness so just how did I fill my time?

Friday – blogged here (Fun times with one of my dudettes) and my new monitor arrived – Dell 1707FP – so pretty 🙂 and so nice to have a large screen again – mine died back over Christmas so I was struggling with a 15″, it was painful.
Saturday – Worked (double time and half :D), watched some DVDs, purged clothes (2 bags to go to lifeline) and bought 2 more Country Road pieces (a skirt and a pair of shorts) from Myer on my lunch break at 75% 🙂 Myer is always so good to me unlike all the other stores in the shopping centre who rarely have anything I like and I get a staff discount could it get any better?

Sunday – Painted my toenails (required when going to the beach later in the day); went up the coast with the family, Grandad and Aunty Margaret for fish ‘n chips and a swim at the beach (fantastic surf but a strong current, gave the legs a work out keeping between the flags); afternoon at the farm, with the beach crew as well as Max, Julie and the boys; read Bergdorf Blondes by Plum Skyes, what a book, slightly trashy but a total crack-up and very readable. Of course the Easter Bilby aka Mum came – photos tomorrow.


Monday – ok so it isn’t here yet but I can tell you what will happen. Work: 6am to 1pm (double time and a half :)) and maybe some shopping in the arvo, as well as a photo with my funky egg that I got 🙂

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