Back to Melbourne

Well in about ohhh four minutes, I will be walking out the door and heading to the airport to catch a plane to Melbourne!!!! I am currently eating a quick breakfast and then I’m off. I stayed at my parents last night and Pabbi is about to take me to the airport. I am soo excited. Excited to be having a real mini holiday away from work. The last few months have just been hectic. I have a big list (ie 12+ pages) of things I want to check out, places I want to go etc etc. I haven’t got my Rudd money yet, but that is what I am going to be using this week!

I’m back Sunday night as I have to work on Monday morning.

A few pictures from last time I went. I am not taking my 12-24mm this time, just my 16-35, the 50mm and the 135mm. See you on the other side πŸ™‚

Turning off Johnston St, Fitzroy St Pauls from Swanston & Flinders @ 12mm Getting off on Elizabeth St Waiting for the tram at 17mm The GPO @ 12mm

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