A Saturday at The Farm

We went to The Farm (as we do) yesterday and I had a glorious time basking in the sun, taking photos and reading. Matthew cooked a veal roast, which was quite a treat. Grandad has two pecan nut trees planted in the lawn and currently they are in season so to speak. Each week I methodically work the lawn picking up the nuts. Yesterday I made a heart with what I had collected.

Pecan Harvest Pecan Heart

Whilst I was collecting the pecans though I got a little side tracked though taking photos. These are the photos I took.

This is the Fried Egg tree otherwise known as Gordonia. It is named as such because when the flowers fall to the ground they look like eggs sunny side up.
Gordonia blooms Gordonia blooms Gordonia blooms Gordonia blooms Gordonia blooms

Aren’t they so pretty?

Then these balloons caught my eye. They are from Christmas Day, when the trees were full of streamers and balloons. This trio had long lost their air but had stayed hanging on a branch, fused together in the sun, swinging in the wind. Then I pulled the branch down.
Dead Balloons I Dead Balloons II Dead Balloons III

Between the two pecan trees is an African Tulip tree, it is also flowering at the moment.
African Tulip

This is my hand and the sky. My fingers look quite slim and long for some reason in this photo.
I, II, III, IV, V, sky

I know Mum will hate this photo when she sees it when she returns from Africa. I was laying on the grass looking at the world upside down and out of focus and took this photo. I strangely like it.

One plant that I closely link to The Farm is crucifix orchids. A large mass of them grows on a tree stump outside the kitchen window.
the crucifix reaches for the star

This is Matthew, yes that is true, a photo of Matthew. He was on the lawn finding the strongest wireless signal. He didn’t know I took this picture. πŸ™‚ He is in his final year of uni this year and had dived into this honours year.
Getting the best wireless signal

This little frog gave me a scare as I was putting stuff into the car, he jumped from the tree, over the top of me and onto the bonnet. He was such a little darling of a frog.
Brown Tree Frog

This photo is from the week before but I will share it today. The passion fruit vine at the farm, is not just on some joe average trellis or fence, but it runs wild over the avocado trees, a gum tree and some other trees in the same patch of land. These passion fruit grow high in the canopy, metres off the ground. When they are ripe or a wind has gone through, they fall to the ground below, finding little homes in the leaf litter till they are collected.
Collecting passion fruit

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