not the day

There is all this stuff I want to say but it doesn’t feel like the right time to say those things at the moment. I need to dwell on them for a little while longer. It is frustrating. I’m looking for that fast forward button. I want things to start now. Moving on.

Yesterday morning, Mum and I dropped Matthew at work and headed off to the Hotel Broadway markets. We parked the car at the Kangaroo Point Cliffs and walked the rest of the way to the Hotel Broadway. It is a relatively small market but it was good. We got some Mangrove Honey πŸ™‚ We walked home via the specialist food shops on Balaclava st, which open at 7am every morning! We had a good walk, window shopping, garden shopping, people shopping watching and I had fun taking some photos.

The Markets
Hotel Broadway Markets

The Gabba

The Cliffs
Roo Point,19/366

The Story Bridge
Bridge & Sky

The Valley
Gipps St Red

Windsor War Memorial
Windsor War Memorial

The Park
the park

2 Replies to “not the day”

  1. way to go with the walking helen and ruth !!!

    hope all is OK helen – if you need to chat, you know where I am.


  2. You’ve been taking some really amazing photos lately! What camera do you use?

    I’ve always wanted to get into photography, but I keep getting put off by the cost of equipment :o( It’s difficult to know what’s a worthwhile investment, and what’s just cr*p with a big price tag!!

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