366 days, a challenge

so. Some reason on NY day I decided that it would be cool to take a photo a day for the year. I am up to day 19 and am still going ok. I did a photo a day for a month back in oh must have been 2004? and I don’t think I made it to the end. I am going to try my hardest to not include any music photos or self-portraits… Some of these photos you have seen posted in the last few weeks, some you haven’t. I am trying to think about these photos, not cop out just before bed time and take a photo of my desk.

You can keep a track of the growing collection here – 366 in 2008

Roo Point,19/366Bernina Hands, 18/366work shoes, 17/366The Street, 16/36650%, 15/366popcorn & atonement, 14/366Bookfest bargain, 13/366QAG 12/36648 colours? 11/366still christmas 10/366you give me this fatal rush, 9/366Bounty, 8/366crochet star, 7/366St Pauls Tce Jam, 6/366weeds 5/366is? 4/366raining light, 3<a class=Carter, 2/366Pabbi Cooking, 1/366

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