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I am so tired to but in a good way. I am working in the city at the moment with quite classy Brisbane River and Story Bridge views before my eyes. This means that I need to get up just a bit earlier than I used to have to get up when I worked down the road. I am thoroughly enjoying catching the bus to work again. I get to read, people watch, listen to music, think, etc. The reason that I am tired however is that I went to a concert last night. It was The Zoo, it is summer, it was a sweaty night.

I took this photo as my day 21 photo as I left the concert and headed back to the car.
Winn St

I am about to go to bed but I have to take today’s photo yet. I don’t know what it will be yet. I am not going to pike though on the 366 days no matter how tempted I am to just fall into bed now.

Is this not the most delightful photo? It is currently my desktop background, thanks big brother.

I have watched parts of Kalahari on the ABC the last two Sundays. I could say Damm five hundred times over after watching that. Just the sheer amount of wildlife. Seeing those clouds of birds or the Acacia trees covered in bird nests or those herds of Zebras. I just can not fathom the sheer numbers. It was breathtaking.

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