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Well I arrived home in Brisbane yesterday arvo and was picked up from the airport and taken up to the farm for our usual Sunday dinner. By the time we got home, I had time to put my images on to download, unpack and chat to Mum some more about the cool and not so cool things I saw.

I am about to go work for my first day in the real world. Slightly daunted but looking forward to it. Until tonight, here is a photo from Melbourne.

St Kilda icons at 12mm.

This is two of Melbourne/St Kilda’s cultural icons. Luna Park and the Palais Theatre.

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  1. heyhey! Great fotos oh slave of the capitalist machine! What’s it like to be a cog in the great mechanism of market liberalism & wealth re-distribution? Do you feel the wealth is redistributing itself to you? Or less so??

    And how was melbourne?? I feel your posts are not enough. Clearly I require more details.

    Finally – you will be the PERFECT person to ask this… I have to look into purchasing a camera for traveling to the USA. I seek something small & light but takes good photos (taking the photos by itself would be really good). Do you have any advice?

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