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Well I have now done two (2) full days work and I am learning a fair bit though in this beginning stage I spend a fair bit of time straightening my phone/keyboard/in tray/etc. Getting to know the people and more importantly the various voices of those who ring the office. I did a stationary order this morning πŸ™‚

I need to do some clothes shopping as my wardrobe isn’t exactly directed towards smart office casual but more of the jeans and threadless tee variety. I picked a shirt and two skirts in Melbourne but need to get some more shirts.

Here a few more Melbourne photos as well. I am slowly, slowly, slowly getting through them but it is taking longer now as I am not exactly home during the day am I?
Flinders & Swanson St Svavar Federation Square Tom Woodward, Don't Tell Tom Bar, Aug 25 2007.

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