Melbourne is Melbourne

I had a great time yesterday, it has been interesting to watch the Melburnians rushing to work with their winter coats on. The drivers beep their horn a lot more as well. Really nice city though.

Wandered round Prahran, St Kilda, Southbank and the CBD. I went to the Prahran markets first in the morning and my eyes were wide open with my jaw dropped to the floor the whole time. I had never seen anything like it before. If I had a job down in Melbourne, I could have moved here tomorrow. The flowers were sooo sooo cheap. Compared to Brisbane some of the fruit and veggies were really cheap (Asian Greens) but others were not such as Queensland Strawbs :). There were all these wonderful delis at the market as well which had a fantastic assortment of fresh breads. I would have liked to get a loaf but none of the small buns really appealed to me. I picked up an orange and poppyseed muffin that was huuuuuge for only $2.50 and it was really really nice as it had a different orange taste to normal.

Wandered round the CBD a fair bit in the afternoon/evening. I went out at night with my tripod to take some night shots, though I just missed that magic blue time.

So far my 12-24mm lens has barely left my camera at all and I have barely even moved from 12mm as well. I love this lens on a full frame camera.

Today I am going to do the galleries and some more shopping. I am still hunting for a nice pair of black pants for work. I am yet to find a pair that have the cut that I am after or one size is too small but the next size up is way too big. Ahh the funs of shopping.

Tonight I am going to Pete aka Owls of the Swamp album launch, which should be great fun.

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