Misery and Redemption Tour

Sunday night in short the most touching or moving concert I have ever been to. I have been to concerts where I have loved the music and danced or grooved the show away but to have a concert where the three headliners reach inside and touch you with each song they sing is a rare occurrence. There may not have had any fancy lights or a packed house but the music was soul music. Music about Iceland, about life, about travelling and just music. When I eventually got home, I wept not cried, not sobbed but wept myself to sleep as I was just so moved by the music of Tom, Pete and Svavar. Sunday night also set the stage for two days of fun on Monday and Tuesday with the Icelandic Posse as Clare called it. I was with one of my best mates (Clare) and made a swag of new friends as well. What more can you ask for?

First up was local lass Tara Simmons. I haven’t seen Tara play an entire set before so it was nice to finally catch a set and it was quite nice to start the night off with her.
Tara Simmons
Tara Simmons Tara Simmons

Next up was Pete or Owls of the Swamp as he is known. Pete, touched something inside a few of us on Sunday night as he talked and sang about his experiences in Iceland. There were times when you would think to yourself, hey I have been there or I know exactly what he means. And as much as you want to get on the next plane to Iceland and see all those familiar sights again and give endless hugs to your nieces and nephews you know that you can’t.
Owls of the Swamp

Pete and Svavar Pete and Svavar

Mr Woodward, Tom Woodward. Mr Tom has a song called Reminding Me Of You(follow link for a listen) which in 20 years time I can see people drunkenly singing it in Pubs along to the covers band in the corner or on the Karaoke machine. I reckon that Reminding Me Of You is the “Sweet Home Alabama” of 2007. Since Sunday night I just can’t get it out of my head. And with a mop of curls like this how could you not just love him.
Tom Woodward Tom Woodward

Svavar. Frankly words don’t describe it from Clemetine to a lullaby to the rip roaring drinking song and everything in between it was pure magic.

Svavar Knuter Svavar Knuter Svavar Knuter

Check out the Rave review for more flowing and structured notes on the night, I think you all know by now that I don’t do/can’t do that sort of review. I am very much looking forward to seeing all three of the guys sing again either round Aus or in Iceland.

Oh and Clare, the polaroid is coming. How could I not share that.

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