20 hours in Noosa

When I left the Troubadour early last Monday morning, we had made plans to catch Parents on Tuesday night and maybe go to the beach on Tuesday. Monday Arvo, I was awakened by a phone call from Svavar, asking me if I wanted to go to Noosa with them for the night. As I had just bought my BIFF tickets for that night minutes before I said no. Then a phone call to Mum to hash it over I decided to skip BIFF for the night and to hit the road to Noosa. I rang Svavar back and then an hour so later I was at Thor’s house ready to pile into Ronnie’s land cruiser for an escape from Brisbane.

Once we were up the highway we made a toilet stop and supplies stop. For most journeys that is nothing out of the ordinary. Ronnie’s car often takes a little bit of fiddling to get going again. This of course proved a perfect time for some photos.

Polaroid Pete
Driving the car, well maybe Posing Ronnie the Bush Mechanic

We made it Noosa and found the YHA, after a walk round town we headed back to the hostel for dinner as well everything else was just slightly out of our price range. Had a very nice veggie lasagne from the hostel kitchen. Then it was time to socialise, play with cameras and watch the International Ping Pong tournament between Pete and Svavar, I believe Pete may have won this round.
Ping Pong Championship Ping Pong Ping Hello Helengrrrr What a tripThe Girls
Thor and RonnieCrazy Nuttersyegh!

From a photography perspective, I love this shot as I took it just as the flash went off on Svavar’s camera.
I love this

After some shenanigans, it was down to the beach for some ‘walking after midnight (though it wasn’t midnight yet), chasing the waves, doing cartwheels/handstands and having fun with some shadow plays.
'walking after midnight Walking on the beach playing Sand Castle

The next morning we woke up and made pancakes for breakfast, Ronnie headed off to do a mornings work with some guys who came to the hostel the night before.
grrr! Waiting
We headed off into the wilderness, well Noosa National Park. Where 3/4 of our party went swimming twice. Do the maths and look at the photos, I was not a crazy nutter. I didn’t go swimming.
Svavar, he relished the chance to swim in the Pacific Ocean and he ended up swimming at all three beaches we stopped at during the day. Pete was also in the water, but he is a Melbourne boy. Thor well she is 50% Icelandic compared to my 25%. I well I am a Brisbane girl, we don’t go swimming at the beach in Winter, the water is just too cold!

I'm in the water!! Thor, contemplating the waves_MG_9565 whoops Secret Mens Business Looking towards Hells Gate Explorer Perhaps the water is slightly cold

After a while it was wisely decided to head round to a more sheltered beach where the distance from trees to water was less. We walked up to Hells Gate which provided a great chance to whip out the 12-24mm and take some portraits.

It tis bright The Gang's all here Going Wide Pete at Hells Gate
ThorHelen by ThorunHelen by Helen Svavar, Guitar, Camera and Towel Thor taking a photo of svavar taking a photo of me

Shooting straight into the Sun gave me some sweet as sugar flare with this photo.
Flarey goodness

We then started walking again to the next beach where, Pete, Svavar and Thor frolicked in the ocean like Puff the Magic Dragon.
Thor Hey, we can float! take a photo of us all swimming Pete _MG_9594

Before it was time to retreat to the towels for some relaxing and some music.
chilling or really baking and it goes a little something like this he ain't no jack johnson Spending a day at the beach
had a swim, now it is music timePete, I think, therefore I am notThorPete cooking in the sunoh my darling clementine Popping the cashews

Looking towards Noosa proper

As well as checking out the local wildlife.
Koala! Scrubber! Bush Turkey

Once we had all baked like chickens in an oven we headed back to the entry of the National Park where we were met by Ronnie and we cooked up a pretty wicked BBQ lunch made all the more special by Svavar’s made on the spot Guacamole. Then we headed off to Noosa’s main beach where we spread out under some Pandanus , chatted and enjoyed some more music with Pete and Svavar providing a perfect soundtrack for an arvo at the beach.
Chilling in the winter sun with good friends and good music Playing the melodyhorn Svavar on the Beach

All good things to come to an end and before too long we were back in Ronnie’s land cruiser heading home to catch Parents with Thor’s parents, my dad and Tom the other member of this travelling trio of Troubadours.

A totally random trip and quite possibly the most spur of the moment thing I have done with people that I didn’t really know and it turned out to be the most fantastic experience.

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