24hr Party People

I have a very random, unexpected but very very fun last couple of days. Thus why there have been no more photos from the Gig on Sunday night. I got home Sunday 1:30amish and was in bed by 2am. Woke up at 4:18am to go to work on Monday morning. Worked for 7.5hrs, came home flicked through my photos and started them processing. Went to sleep for 1hr or so. Get waken up by a phone call from Svavar asking me I want to go up the coast with them tonight. I say nah, going to BIFF tonight. 10 mins later after speaking to Mum I ring back and say count me in. 1hr or so later I am hanging at Thor’s house with Pete, Svavar, Thor and Ronnie packing Ronnie’s land cruiser so we can hit the road to Noosa. Had a fantastic 20 hours or so in Noosa, walking in the National Park, chilling at the beaches, listening to Svavar and Pete play guitar and melodyhorn. Then last night Svavar, Pete, Tom, Thor and her parents, myself and Pabbi went to see Parents which is the sole Icelandic movie showing at BIFF this year. Then it was bidding a fond farewell to Pete, Svavar and Tom as they head down to Byron Bay today for the next stage of their tour and thanking Thor for a great time. This morning I have a job interview 🙂 and then I go to work at noon.

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  1. wow helen you really will sleep well tonight! thank you for being a part of these fantastic few days, its been so much fun, so great to have so many new friends..! i am very VERY tired as last night was another 4am evening of crazy icelanders….., it was so lovely to meet you and spend time with you, we will catch up again soon i hope, hugs thor xxx

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