The Bad Moon Company and Frankie Wants Out

Last Saturday night I went out with my brother and his mates to see Frankie Wants Out from Melbourne and a local band The Bad Moon Company that they are friends with. By their own accounts Frankie Wants Out play Gangster Swing and they were good and I enjoyed the music but it felt like they started to unravel towards the end of their set. I walked out with their EP The Melbourne Way which I have enjoyed listening to in the past week. The highlight of the night was of course The Bad Moon Company, are a Psychobilly/Rockabilly which went off. They were incredibly tight musically and definitely have perfected their stage act. I loved them. Pure and Simple.

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  1. Hi,
    I just looked through your Bad Moon Company and Frankie Wants Out photos are I must say you are a great photographer! Makes my photos look like crap HA! Or it is my camera! But truly your photos were beautiful, I was there for Bad Moon Company, twas a great night and awesome gig….I just had to make mention of your great photos, come to think about it I do remember seeing you take photos and wow is all I can say…..Anyway, I think I will leave it at that


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