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We just received our quarterly council rates notice in the mail and of course the first page that everyone in Brisbane turns to at the moment is the Water Advice. I present to you our water advice page.

water advice

We are a family of 4 adults and in the most recent reporting period we were using 308L a day which works out to be 77L per person per day. The target that the BBC and Water Commission are promoting is 140L per person per day. Looking at our notice that is what we were achieving 12 mths ago. According to the Water Commission, the average per person per day usage is currently 137L in the region.

It will be interesting to see what we achieve for this period as our rain tank is now feeding the washing machine which saves about 50L per load, which will add up.

In addition to having a front loader washing machine, we don’t own a dish washer, the garden is been left to fend for itself except a few plants that get the water from the shower whilst waiting for the hot water to kick in. It is all about just taking a millisecond to think when you turn a tap on, is this necessary? Am I able to reuse this water? etc.

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  1. great water usage helen.

    I’m not sure why but we have never received one of these in our rates notice!!!

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