Regina Spektor and Only Son, The Tivoli, July 9.

Regina on Monday night was absolutely blooming marvellous as I outlined in the previous post, here though are the photos, which is what we all love to see.
There were so many things I loved about the concert. All the words and phrases were so very clear, which meant that we all knew exactly what she was singing about. There were times when she would be in the middle of a song and giggles would break out in the crowd as they “heard” what she was singing and she in turn would turn to face the audience and put this sort of shy, funny look on her face which was a crack-up.

Regina’s 2nd last song was Hotel Song with
Only Son who beat boxed the main beats with Regina adding the vocals and more beats over the top. Very cool indeed. You can watch a video of this performance at previous gigs here – Regina and Only Son, Hotel Song

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  1. Your Regina fotos look awesome. I hate you – it looks like a fabulous gig.

    I hope you truly had a magnificent time for the both of us.

    I meanwhile have spent all my money on winter clothing before it disappears from stores – as I now see summer clothing taking over the consumer-paradises that many call ‘shops’. Thus, I have purchased some jeans – even though I do not like jeans & feel wearing them looks as if they are molesting me. Nonetheless, I have purchased significant amounts of winter couture to prepare for my US-sojourn. And now have no money. NON. I like french words.


    I am Fin now.

    *NB: not finnish.

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