Sundays at the Farm

As we normally do on a Sunday arvo, we went to visit Grandad yesterday and had a ball. Grandad is well Grandad. I mean if he was mmm sixty years younger and not my Grandfather well what can I say. He is a smart, has a sharp sense of humour and I am going to miss him terribly when the time comes.

Every Sunday we do pretty much the the same things.
We get to the farm and walk into Grandad’s bedroom where he is normally laying on his bed reading. He spends a lot of time reading on his bed as he needs to keep his feet up to reduce swelling. Mum, Matthew and I either find a spot on the bed or lay down on the floor or curl up in the window seat where we chat about what we have been doing in the past week, any interesting news we have read and just hang out. Pabbi comes in with us to go “Hi Lorry” and then goes outside to have a smoke and wander round the yard. After a while Matthew moves out to the kitchen or lounge room to do school work or read. Grandad, Mum and I move out into the garden to collect the harvest (which at the moment is Custard Apples, Cherry Tomatoes, Passionfruit and Avocados) and I of course spend time taking photos. During this time Pabbi either wanders into the garden to help or reads his book.

Once it gets too dark to work outside or everything is collected it is back inside to start tea. Grandad goes to put his feet up and we get to work in the kitchen. Either Mum or I cook tea and then either Matthew or I will make dessert and Mum makes the custard. We have dinner, chat, wash up and then pack the car and head home to the start of another week.

Grandad on his bed reading and Mum about to lay down in the background.
Visting Grandad

We have had a bit of rain recently and when we got to the farm it had just stopped raining and there was still nice water drops on the flowers. I grabbed my camera and tripod and set to work, doing what I do best. As the light was almost non-existent I grabbed my favourite lens (70-200mm f/4), reflector, flash and off camera cord and had fun lighting the scene myself. These Crucifix Orchids of which there are at least 3 different colours have been on the patio outside the kitchen window at the farm for as long as I can remember.

Magenta Crucifixes
Orange Cruifix satu, dua! greens

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