Clare and I went to see Labjacd last night at the Zoo and what a night it was. Well apart from the fact that we were both really tired to start with so it was a constant battle to keep the brain functioning and eyes open. In saying that though Labjacd were more than incredible. I am going to love any band that has a horn section and uses it well. The music on their myspace is not much of an indication I think of the groove and tightness that these guys have when they are live. The sax player kept cracking me up as he reminded me of the trombone player from Ozomatli in that they both appear to the whitest guys in the line-up but do the craziest skafest dancing.

Supporting Labjacd were Dubdoubt who I enjoyed a lot and will be keeping an eye out for in the future and Afro Dizzi Act who really didn’t live up to my expectations. I have been reading about Afro Dizzi Act in the street press for the last couple of years and have always meant to check them out then when I finally got to see them last night they were not what I expected at all. Still Labjacd were fantastic as were Dubdoubt

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