Jacob Diefenbach and Claire Whiting

I went to Rics again last night, this time to see Claire Whiting and Jacob Diefenbach who you may remember that Mum and I saw at the Powerhouse last year as part of the Brisbane Cabaret Festival. Well, I was impressed with him then and I was more than impressed again last night. There was a nice number of people at Rics which meant that it stayed nice and cosy. Partially due to the rain I would say – we have rain for about 14hrs straight since last night and our tank is now overflowing and the catchment areas for the dams have been getting rain as well πŸ˜€

First up was Claire Whiting and she was a total treat. A girl and her guitar, a handful of songs and a delightful voice. I will be going to see her more often for sure. After a couple of songs she was joined by Ben Stewart to add another guitar and some more vocals. As my little brother would tell you I am hopeless when it comes to remembering the names of songs unless I know the band really well. They played some great songs and one in particular that stands out in my mind was one that they had only just put together, it was a marvellous song.

Claire Whiting and Ben Stewart

Jacob Diefenbach.
A very dramatic piano player and a very commanding vocal style. Very much musical theatre inspired I think I would say in the dramatics and soaring vocals. The writer of some incredibly insightful and thought provoking songs not only about the gay culture but also about life in general and how we present our selves to the world. Favourite song had to be Drive to Kill which you can hear on his JJJ unearthed page

Jacob Diefenbach Jacob Diefenbach
I chatted to a few people and got to meet two people that I know/know-of off the net which was pretty cool.

Then it was over. I stayed for a while and chatted to a few people, including Ricky a fellow camera toter and Caitlin. I was chatting to Ricky and thought I should introduce myself to the girl who is with him, so I turn and say “Hi I’m Helen” and then she goes “I know, I knew it was you when you pulled out your camera, I’ve seen you on myspace” which of course cracked me right up.

A very great night indeed πŸ˜€

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