BluesFest Day 3 – Fishbone

The middle night of the festival at the Mojo Tent was a night where the crowd got down and danced and danced and danced. First up was Fat Freddy’s Drop who started the vibe and then it was Fishbone who were back in Aus after a 11 year wait for long time fans and ready to convert a whole new generation of kids to the Fishbone madness. I hadn’t heard of Fishbone before so I was in for a treat and man. They went off especially the lead singer/saxophonist Angelo Moore who by the end of the set was missing his jacket, tie, shirt and his suspenders were barely holding his pants up. Sigh he is an entertainer. They also managed to spend a fair bit of time either crowd surfing or hanging out in the crowd and I don’t think security really knew what was happening most of the time because they would jump up on the speaker stacks one minute and the next be down in the crowd. Sigh they were great.

Fishbone Dr Maddvibe Fishbone

I can’t find any recent videos on youtube but here is an oldie – only two of these guys are still in the line-up today but it is a goodie.

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