BluesFest Day 3 – Ozomatli

Dip, dive, socialize, get ready for the saturday night

I have respect for a band that can get 10 000 odd people to get down, down, down on the ground in the middle of a concert and even more when the same band would proceed to bring percussion into the crowd at the end of the set and start a conga line. This band is Ozomatli. Another band who I didn’t know what to expect and it was perfect programming to have them follow Fishbone. Not only were these really great and diverse in their range of music from some ballads to rap to down right funk, they were a great band who put on a fantastic show. Lots of photos with this one as not only is there 9 or 10 guys in the line-up but they all liked to show-off.
Wil-Dog Abers

Look Mr Angelo Moore from Fishbone has joined the show.
Mr Trumbone and Mr Fishbone Ozomatli Ozomatli

Keeping the crowd going with a beat.
Jiro Yamaguchi

Getting in the crowd to party

It’s party time in the crowd.
Hello Crowd

Man, I can’t wait for these guys to come back to Australia

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