Bunny Family

The only time to buy Easter Eggs is after Easter when they are half the price. Especially when your sole purpose is to have fun taking photos of the chocolate delights. We went to The Farm today so my box of eggs and bunnies came along, as The Farm has acres upon acres of green grass, they are after all a turf farm and unlike Brisbane they aren’t affected by that thing called “The Drought”.

Oh what a delightful time I had carefully styling my shots, placing the eggs down in a random but calculated array, finding the perfect bush for the bunny to hide behind and so on.

Here is a family of Lindt Gold Bunnies following each other on the turf. Don’t they look so cute! There is the Papa bunny and the two little kittens. They are crossing the turf back to the warren where Mama bunny is waiting. After I finished with the Bluesfest photos I will post some photos of Lindt bunnies adventures at The Farm and Easter egg fun time.


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