BluesFest Day 3

The half way day and the day it all started to get better, I was getting to know the festival and had finally tuned into the vibe of the festival and now knew what to expect.

1. The Gin Club
The Gin Club 4 The Gin Club 1 The Gin Club 3 The Gin Club 2
The Gin Club are a local Brissie band that I have total respect for, not only do they play some pretty cool tunes but they are all multi-instrumental and seamlessly play a game of musical chairs throughout the set which I find mighty impressive.

2. Jackson Jackson Up Close in the Coca Cola Live n’ Local stage
Jackson Jackson
I ended up seeing these guys twice. The first was on Day 2 in the Live n’ Local tent with about 200 other people and a whole swag of video cameras. I didn’t really get into the music on the first day, however when I saw them again later in the festival I was loving it. They really grew on me. Will talk more about them when they played at the Mojo on Day 4.

3. Alice Russell
This lady has soul I only caught the end of her before Amos Lee started but dang, this lady eats Joss Stone for breakfast. What a voice and a more soulful stage presence as well. The version of the White Stripe’s Seven Nation Army is pretty sweet.

4. Amos Lee
Amos Lee
I wasn’t too fussed on Mr Lee, possibly because of the group of women who pushed their way in front of me to scream and flutter their eyelids at Mr Lee the entire way through the set, continuously proclaiming that they are the biggest Amos Lee fans. Might have to go back and check out some of his stuff to have a second listen.

5. Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch and Fats Kaplin
Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin
110% pure Americana. They had the fiddle, the banjo, the mandolin, tambour and of course the guitar. True storytellers these blokes.

6. Fat Freddy’s Drop
Fat Freddys Drop Fat Freddys Drop 1
Excuse the pun but these guys were phat (the first and last time I will ever use that word). A seven piece roots/dub band out of Wellington, NZ who knew how to get the party started in the Mojo tent. The trombonist Joe Lindsay could shake his body like it was no one’s business.

The last three bands of the night all deserve their own posts as these guys had the entire Mojo tent at their command, from conga lines to getting down or waving those hands.

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