a walk or two with a new friend

I have a new friend. Well I have a new friend by association of my camera. Last week I picked up a near new copy of a Sigma 30mm 1.4 off the camera board I frequent, from a guy who lives locally. I got it for a steal and a half. And by george it is a nice lens. Just about the same as the 50mm on a film camera as on my digital camera it comes to be about equivalent at 48mm.

I took it with me to The Farm on Sunday (well I took my whole camera bag because who wouldn’t?) when we went to have dinner with Grandad and Aunty Margaret who has been up looking after him after his most recent skin cancer removal and skin graft. I cooked tea for us all and Mum and Margaret provided desert (Chocolate self-saucing pudding, enough said). These are my two favourite photos from the little stroll I had.

I have always loved the Antigonon that covers the old tank stand, just such a pretty pink flower and it does so well in this climate (read it will climb anywhere it can) and well who can resist some tree fern goodness?
Antigonon on the Tank Stand Tree Fern

Today, it was my turn to cook dinner and earlier in the day I had spotted an ad in the paper that said Aldi was selling their salad leaves at half price for the moment. $1 for 120g is a very good buy. Since Aldi is just a stones throw from where we live, I picked up my camera and a $1 coin and went for a walk. This is what I saw.

The power lines overhead.
Power lines

A rose peeking through the fence wire.
a solitary rose

Weeds standing strong in the setting sun.
Weeds on my street

I must say I like this lens very much indeed.

Now for some music to share. Susan Enan. Sweet Music. I discovered her from watching Bones (see Clare MP, even though it might be far-fetched I found a cool artist. Bring on the Wonder was the song that was on Bones but I must say I like Monoplain thirty times more.

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  1. Such beautiful vibrant photos…Love’em!
    I’m not a avid photographer. If your new to it…what do you suggest as a beginners that takes quality photos…that can be zoom in/out w/blur resistance for movement?
    Thanks much!

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