WhiteWater World

Mum and I spent the day at the new water park that has opened up down the coast. It is called WhiteWater World and is operated by and located beside Dreamworld.

Mum was going along for a Maths teacher briefing about the activities they run for senior Maths B students which use the rides as models for all sorts of maths stuff. As part of the briefing Mum got in for nicks and I got in at the child’s price :).

We had a blast of a day going on all the rides that we could fit on (eg those kiddie slides just aren’t designed for people with hips) and going on quite a few rides multiple times.

In terms of favourite rides, The Green Room as much as it freaked me out was probably the best ride there, as long as you managed to find two other riders to take you as close as possible to the 300kg ride limit, because the heavier your tube was the higher you went up the sides of the funnel. After that the Broken Headz run in the Temple of Huey. Which the photo below shows Mum and I coming out of.

white water world

It was a blast of a day and whilst there were times when I wished it was a hot sunny day, it was very enjoyable when it was slightly overcast as it meant that the concrete wasn’t hot πŸ™‚

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