Do you know the way to Brisbane?

Or more importantly I sure as jaggery hope that Mr Bacharach does because I have a ticket to seem him when he comes to the Convention Centre on July 6 (the day before Karl turns 28!) and I will not be a happy chappy if he gets lost. Perhaps I should send him a map?

When I saw the advert that he was going to be playing in Sydney in Feb, I was ready to walk out the door and start walking to Sydney. It was going to cost me an arm, a leg, an eye and possibly even my soul but this is BURT BACHARACH we are talking about. However I decided that I really did want to keep my soul and two eyes are just so much better than one so I resented myself to not going to see Mr B this time round. Then Mr B had an accident and his daughter died which meant that the Sydney and Adelaide shows were canceled. Then there was a note saying he would be coming back in July and adding some more cities to the show. Yeah for Brisbane. Yeah for Helen having a ticket to see Mr B and The Queensland Orchestra. July 6 will be a total treat πŸ™‚

Or do you know your way round Africa?
The other night Karl sent me this link – 53 African States. It has fast making the rounds of my family and friends either on the web site or on a piece of paper. When I did it this arvo I had 2 states that I couldn’t get πŸ™ compared to the 13 so so I couldn’t get the first time I did it. The challenge now is to be able to place them all in the right place on the map. That will be a challenge. How many countries in Africa can you get?

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