Beechmont Launch

Well on Sunday I headed out with some friends to Natural Arch (Natural Bridge) to take some photos and take photos we did. I am not yet happy with my photos of the bridge or the creek in general. I was however happy with this photo of a Stinging Plant.

Stinging Tree Leaves

About 12ish we started to splinter off with people going home. I decided though that I had all day, some petrol and plenty of “film” left. I had thought of heading up to Binna Burra and taking a short walk but as I went past the Beechmont Launch on my way I stopped there instead and took some photos. Whilst the conditions for the hang and para gliders was not the best, there were still a handful up in the air.

Take off. This girl was lucky on her second time attempting to reach the clouds.
Take off

Paraglider and a model glider.
"in flight"

Looking across the top of the launch area.
Beechmont Launch

Blowin’ in the Wind
Blowin' in the wind

Safety Floats.
I don’t think getting caught in these powerlines would be a wise life choice. Hence the big red balls.
warning floats

I even managed to pick up my first hitch-hiker on that trip as well. Mum was quite shocked when I walked into the house and told her that. Well, that is until I explained the hitch-hiker. I had thought of driving home via Canungra but a km or so down the road from Beechmont I decided against it and did a uie, on my way back up the road I saw a paraglider lugging his big pack with his thumb out. I thought well I have just been taking photos of you all, so I may as well repay the favour with a lift back. I picked him up and a had a nice chat on the way back to the launch site about para-gliding and photography.

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