I bought a flash for my camera the other week and it arrived on Thursday. I didn’t dare leave the house till the UPS man had came and finally at 12:06pm, he pulled up to our house with a parcel from BH Photo and there inside was a Canon 580ex Flash and an off-camera flash cord.

Since then, actually since the batteries were charged a couple of hours later, I have been having a ball playing and learning with my flash.
I don’t think I have any “real” photos to show for it other than a whole stack of my handbag sitting on my bed as I played with angles and strength.

My younger brother and my younger “brother” both see my camera as a tool of the devil so the arrival of a flash is just another excuse for my younger brother to yell and scream at me as he tries to defend himself from the devil. My younger “brother” of course follows the lead of his “brother” and after enduring the flash for 2 shots raises his arms to cover his face. Such is my life.

I just had a look through my photos again and I found this one of my duchess, when I was playing with my flash on the off camera cord with a bounce card. This photo shows two of the bangles that I picked up at Woodford. The top beaded one is a nice sparkley one that is nice for wearing out. The bottom one however is my very favourite. I think it is some sort of silver alloy but who knows for sure, just I don’t know where it was made, other than an educated guess of one of the many Muslim countries stretching from Morocco to the ‘stans in Central Asia. Isn’t it pretty though?

My duchess - 20070302

I am off to Natural Arch at Springbook in the morning with some local photographers for a fun filled day of camera fun.

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