Woodford Review

Well we arrived back in reality yesterday and it is certainly a change from what life was like for the past week.

Woodford was everything I imagined it to be and a hundred times more. The music, the food, the people, the vibe. I had a blast and would happily go back tomorrow working 5hr shifts in the little grocery store, cruising round discovering new bands and kicking back to old ones, eating good food and finding all sorts of cool things in the shops the only problem might be that I would probably run out of money at one stage. mmmm Woodford Rocked!

Next year I want to camp in a better place with different people (read:not my brother and his friends) and change my mobile provider because my much loved Vodafone does not love Woodford much at all (why can’t the mobile providers be nice people and co-operate and share coverage). Though I did survive without a computer for the week, having a mobile with extremely patchy reception was not fun because it was chewing the batteries searching for reception all the time and I am still yet to receive a message from Clare that she sent on the 30th. mmmm.

Music wise I had a blast, I only missed two or three bands that I really wanted to see but I can go see them round here anyway and if not I will see them at Blues and Roots in April

I will quite happily admit that the one of the major drawcards (actually probably the drawcard, the tipping stone) in making me go to Woodford this year was the fact that Women in Docs(WiD) were playing a couple of gigs and oh what a delight that was.

Women in Docs

It was great seeing them play and it is hard to believe that it took me what seven years? to see them play and get a couple of CD’s. I missed one of the shows as I was working but the other two I caught and they finished their set with the most delightful cover that I have not been able to get out of my head – Wagon Wheel by Old Crow Medicine Show. They have two gigs in Brissie in a bit less than a month’s time so we will of course go and check them out. Hopefully there will be some Tin Roof action at one of those because there wasn’t at Woodford πŸ™

In terms of music there was so much to see, Women in Docs of course, Tim Freedman, Pablo Discobar, Kristina Olson, Emma Dean, Herb Johnson-Armstrong and the Jazzy Cats, The Audreys, Kate Miller-Heidke, The John Butler Trio, Beautiful Girls, Kaya, Kaki King, Blue King Brown, Roz and the Wayward Gents, Kafka, Troy ‘n’ Trevelyn (now known as Banawurn), Max Judo, Jodi Martin, Stringmansassy, De Jah Groove, Leo, Sensitive New Age Cowpersons, Po’ Girl, Paul Greene, Ash Grunwald, David Essig and way many more.

Tim Freedman
Tim  Freedman

Over the years I have seen Tim and the Whitlams numerous times, but this relatively smallish gig at the Grande tent topped the list. It was Tim, a keyboard and a mike doing what he does best singing those songs. He made small talk with the crowd at the front and played requests as people yelled them out to him. Though he didn’t get round to doing Kate Kelly.

For me the music I saw pretty much divided into two broad categories of folky/rocky/vocal centered and then the funky/roots/fusion jazz/designed to get you shaking that tail feather. Pablo Discobar and De Jah Groove, Blue King Brown and Troy ‘n’ Trevelyn (now known as Banawurn) in the funk pile along with some others. Very much prefect music for some late night hip shaking.
Pablo Discobar

Blue King Brown

One of the highlights had to be the 80’s Singalong, the Concert tent was filled with people singing, dancing and laughing as we were lead by a merry group of singers on the stage.

Walk like an Egyptian Livin' on a Prayer
Whilst most of the songs were on the poppier side of the 80’s, the closing song Livin’ on a Prayer went off and I think the whole tent started laughing when Roz decided rock out and go for the stage dive. This photo actually for some reason reminds me of Joan Jett, can’t quite place why but it does.

Ms Clare came up to Woodford with her friend Katie for the couple of days that Katie’s band was playing and then departed. It was great fun to meet Katie though and to cruise the streets of Woodford with the both of them plus the various people Katie collected along the way.

Sporting their hippie head bands
Katie and Clare

Ms Clare trying to tempt me with a piece of Sushi (it didn’t work).
and this is Sushi

The two food highlights for me at Woodford would have to have been the Byron Bay Organic Doughnuts and the Hungarian Langos place. The doughnuts were so so good and pretty darn cheap. The cinnamon one was classic and a good snack but the chocolate filled ones were just like heaven in a little hunk of dough. mmmm but messy, I had melted dark chocolate all over me. The Langos were also so good and I am going to try my hand at making them at home. mmm tasty!

I also picked up a skirt, a dress, a couple of scarves, a couple of bangles and some other assorted trinkets. Plus a whole stack of CDs and quite a few gigs to go to in the coming weeks and more CDs to buy from the stores here.

Matthew and I are still wearing our wristbands and are having a mini competition to see who can leave it on the longest :). Oh and a gumboot report is coming, so watch out!

6 Replies to “Woodford Review”

  1. you had a great time, too, hey? i only stayed for one night, but i really, really, really want to go back next year to stay for the whole thing.

    btw, i found your site via the comment you left on my picture of the pink & purple gum boots at the festival. where in brissy do you live?

  2. thanks helen – great to see that you loved woodford! I did and always will. We will do tin roof for you at the judith wright gig. We’ll do it both nights!! you should book because tickets are selling fast! (judithwrightcentre.com) Great photos!

  3. Hey did you buy tickets for women in docs yet?? was wondering what day you did if you bought them??? My sis and i are thinking about going to scissor sis on sat 3rd and just wanted to know before i buy tickets….

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