I was to young (read: not even thought of) when Woodstock was on so instead I am heading up to Wood(ford)stock (Woodford Folk Festival) for the coming week with my brother who went up this morning and another one of my friends who will be there for a couple of days.

It is currently drizzling here (Rain, what is rain?). Which means that maybe I will get to wear my gumboots round the site at Woodford, I painted them up last night so my feet will not get lost in the crowd!

Woodford Stock GumBoots

Matthew and I are both going as volunteers which means we get free entry and camping in exchange for 5hrs work each day. I will be in the general store and Matthew will be working in one of the bars. I can’t wait for the bands to start playing tomorrow as there are so many bands that I know I want to see and I am sure there will be many others I will discover!

We come home on Jan 2nd so I don’t plan on been in contact before then. Have a good New Years and enjoy the rest of Boxing Day today πŸ™‚

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