Christmas is near

The Christmas tree was decorated on friday night after I came home from work at 9pm and before Matthew went to work at 12am. The presents are under the tree. The smoked mutton leg was picked up yesterday. Mum is currently in the kitchen working on the glazed carrots and cauliflower au gratin. The table is set. Christmas carols are playing.

We are just waiting for it to get dark enough. It is 6:45pm and it is still fairly bright outside. If we were true to our Icelandic roots we would be sitting down to dinner at 6pm like the rest of the country when the bells ring out across the country. I remarked to Mum before that we are some of the first people in the world to celebrate Christmas as we follow our Icelandic roots and celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. You have to love the fact that the International Date Line is just two timezones away 🙂

We had a Christmas afternoon tea before with our “surrogate” grandmother which was lovely and tomorrow we will have an Australian Christmas at the Farm with Grandad. Karl also rang up this afternoon before we had afternoon and we had a nice hour long chat with him which was just the most delightful Christmas present.

Christmas Menu
Smoked leg of Mutton
Mashed potatoes
Cauliflower au Gratin
Glazed Carrots

Christmas Rice Pudding.

I leave you with this Christmas tree that I made with Grandmum many, many, many Christmases ago. 10 perhaps? It is made out of polystyrene trays from the butcher 🙂


Gleðileg Jól/Merry Christmas 🙂

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