The Farm at Christmas

Grandad and his Beans

This photo was taken the other week when Mum and I went up to visit Grandad. I spent the day in Grandmum’s sewing room sewing my graduation dress. I have always loved Grandmum’s sewing room, well actually as a matter of fact I love the whole house and the whole farm. Grandmum’s sewing table runs the length of the room and has a large window that looks out over the farm and towards The Twins (Tunbubudla East and West, two mountains which are part of the Glasshouse Mountains), you almost spend more time looking out the window than sewing. The chest freezer also lives in the sewing room and I remember when we were younger Grandmum would keep a bag of icy poles in there to give to Matthew, I, our cousins or our friends who also came up to the farm.

It has been just over three years since Grandmum died and this year in particular I have started to miss her more than I have in the past. I don’t particularly know why but I have.

Yesterday after I finished work, I was picked up and we headed straight up to the farm for a very special trip. A trip that has happened every year since my parents have lived in Australia. The collecting of the Christmas tree. Matthew chops the tree down now and we no longer travel on the front of the tractor or sitting cross legged on the wooden trailer. We also only collect two trees now; one for us and one for Grandad instead of the four or five we have had in years past when Matthew and I each had our own little Christmas trees.

We were lucky this year and found two suitable trees rather quickly. We then drove back to the house and proceeded to throughly decorate Grandad’s house for Christmas. Grandmum was a very crafty person in her life and made so many things for Christmas that means all the living areas in the house are amply decorated for Christmas.

Once the house was decorated we all sat down for dinner which consisted of a very very yummy rabbit stew and wrote the list of all Matthew and I will need for our upcoming trip to the Woodford Folk Festival from Boxing Day to Jan 2nd. As well as what we wanted to eat on Christmas Day when we come up to the farm. Then it was time to head home and Matthew and I a managed to catch the JAG final that finally aired in Australia last night. We have watched it on and off for the last six years or so and it was a relief to finally see Harm and Mac together for real.

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